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The light is never gone, it may be hidden behind the darkness and is
ready to slip through any cracks it may find.
And a crack only occurs following some sort of break…

Beautiful night–yes, even this dark one is beautiful.




Recently, I received a message from a guy that I was completely and utterly in love with. He ignited in me a love for myself that, at the time, I could only see through his eyes. I saw that I was perfect and how lovable I could be.

This began a journey for me to MY SELF, not my Ego, but my SOUL.

I was so happy to hear from him. It almost felt like everything between us was just a dream, but no…with him contacting me and establishing a more open connection, I felt like he IS REAL.

When we began conversing, I noticed that the dialogue was very similar, on his end, to the way we used to speak to one another. The emotional connection is still there and strong but for me it was different and I was also so much more appreciative of him.

I knew that no matter what happened between us now, it would never affect the feelings he had for me then and that he still expressed to me now.

The big difference is me. How much I have changed, grown, matured. The love for him was there, but the attraction was gone. This is so amazing to me. And even more than that, at the time we met I needed him so much to validate, accept, approve of and love me and I needed this from HIM and I didn’t want it from anyone else.  

Now, I didn’t need that anymore because I KNOW IAM LOVED, not just by him but by God, the Universe and more important than even God or the Universe, I was loved by me.

I could fall into another illusion as I did in the past. The illusion of fantasy, attachment, fear of loss, fear of rejection, but my emotions are stable, calm and my mind clear.  

I know that this guy contacting me is just a test from the Universe. Iam sure that an agreement was made between us many life time’s ago and deliberately created by me through my Higher Self to give me an opportunity to gain awareness of the change in my vibe and to break another cycle.

The truth is he loves me very much. He agreed to play this part in order for me to learn, grow and succeed. Iam grateful to him and love him so much.    

I know that loving myself and becoming more aligned with God, the Universe and my Higher Self, I succeed and will continue to have success.  

Awareness. Success. Enlightenment.

Enlightenment: succeeding to be your True Self in alignment with the Divine–God & the Universe.  

❤️Easter Sunday❤️

Upon reflection this very beautiful morning, on the significance of the Resurrection of Christ, I know in my heart that we are souls that are eternal.

This wonderful Christian interpretation reminds me, resonates with me the power of Everlasting life we each hold.

The journey as humans allow us experiences of both joy and love and also the contrast of pain and sorrow.  The resurrection is our reminder that we transcend the human experience into our original state of being which is eternal.  A soul that is ONLY love, peace, joy and power. 

With all my heart, I celebrate this Easter Sunday remembering that life is everlasting and my beautiful soul never dies but is forever Divine.



If you let go of something that is not really aligned with your true self and your true desire, let it go.

The real thing will never be able to replace the illusion, if you don’t break that illusion.
You break it by letting go.

The decision to let go is much more valuable and important than the act itself.
If your decision is final and grounded, the Universe will respond to it.
However, if there is any weakness in that decision, the Universe will continually present people and circumstances to you until it feels the vibration of your decision being final.

The more true you are to yourself and your innate desire, the easier it will be to Be decisive.

Then all your desires begin unfolding.



Focus on being a success of your own SELF–your character above all is most important. God and the Universe point you in the direction that is Your Purpose here. When your motivation is pure and you focus on being your true self-everything falls into place.


Good morning and thank you God❤️

Iam sweet.
Iam caring.
Iam understanding.
All my endeavors are successful and benefit the good of ALL.

Iam a reflection of Divinity and am in the power and intelligence of the Universal flow.

I love the me that is human, with all her willfulness, flaws and imperfections. I love her with all my heart.
She is the one with which, me the soul, experiences everything.

Iam awake now, my soul is rejoicing.