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Good morning and thank you God❤️

Iam sweet.
Iam caring.
Iam understanding.
All my endeavors are successful and benefit the good of ALL.

Iam a reflection of Divinity and am in the power and intelligence of the Universal flow.

I love the me that is human, with all her willfulness, flaws and imperfections. I love her with all my heart.
She is the one with which, me the soul, experiences everything.

Iam awake now, my soul is rejoicing.



Good morning and thank you God❤️

Good morning and thank you God❤️

Iam happy.
Iam kind.
Iam generous.
Iam helpful.
Iam caring.
I attract all that Iam.

Moving through life with the Universe–
A best friend.
Enjoying life and gathering all the beauty and joy my soul can contain.

Iam lovable
Iam lovable.
Iam lovable.
I receive love.

“Dreams do come true, if we only wish
hard enough. You can have anything in life
if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”

Good morning and thank you God❤️


Iam happy.
It is darkest just before the dawn and even in this moment as I sit here in contemplation of my life and of you God, I feel as though Iam basking in the warmth of light.
Iam powerful and Iam beautiful.
Iam receiving and open to love.
In all moments I keep in the awareness that Iam the daughter of a King.
The Universe supports me in every endeavor.
May I follow the path that leads to servitude to others.
Why am I so loved and fortunate?

Everything is as it should be and ALL IS WELL❤


Good morning and thank you God❤️

Iam happy.
It’s a brilliant day! Nothing but smiles under blue and gray skies.
Iam free.
Iam moving through all moments with purpose and the manifestation of my full hearts desire.
Why am I so blessed?
Why am I so fortunate?
Iam loved. Iam lovable. Iam love.
Iam successful and confident.
Iam bestowed with Gods love and Iam in the flow of the Universe….
I already see blue skies and the sun breaking through
I love my life
And I love life itself and life itself loves me.

Peace, blessings and love with you and in you and me❤