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At Long Last Heard

I read “The Path to Love,”  by Deepak Chopra, the first time after a breakup.  It wasn’t just any breakup; no, it was a heart-squooshing, blindsided, out of nowhere, walk-90-miles-a-week just to try to get my equilibrium, if not back, at least, well, not so off-center type of breakup.   What made this even more difficult was the fact that I was truly and completely ready to be in a relationship, probably for the first time in my life.   I had gone through a bunch of really challenging stuff over the several years previously, and realizing that I needed to do some, okay, a lot, of work on myself, and that meant taking a step back from even the thought of dating, let alone a serious relationship.  It took 18 months, but I was ready.  Then I met M, and though my very first impression was, he’s too old…

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