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I love it too….

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 I love this…….

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I believe it is imperative that we create as who and what we ARE. The creation as a whole needs for all of us to express ourselves as the part of the puzzle that would not be whole if we were not part of it.IMG_3847.JPG

Good morning and thank you God❤️

Good morning and thank you God❤️

Iam happy.
Iam kind.
Iam generous.
Iam helpful.
Iam caring.
I attract all that Iam.

Moving through life with the Universe–
A best friend.
Enjoying life and gathering all the beauty and joy my soul can contain.

Iam lovable
Iam lovable.
Iam lovable.
I receive love.

“Dreams do come true, if we only wish
hard enough. You can have anything in life
if you will sacrifice everything else for it.”

SELF-RESPECT: The highest form of loving yourself

What is respect?

By definition:

  1. an attitude of admiration or esteem;
  2. a feeling of friendship and esteem;
  3. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded);
  4. regard highly;
  5. think much of.


We can use the definition as a guide to work towards developing “an attitude of admiration or esteem” for our self.

Respecting yourself is not about how others treat you.  We often go around demanding that others “respect” us.  We may also believe that respect is earned.  As in our examination of self-love, introspection is required in order to develop an “esteem” for ourselves that will attract respect from others.  It is given freely.

So often, we blame others for their lack of value in us that we do not see that the way we treat our self is what others use as a guideline.  If a person is continuously experiencing a lack of respect in a majority of their relationships, it would be important to become aware the cause is due to a lack of respect in their self.

Respect is about value and worthiness we have towards our self. Continue reading SELF-RESPECT: The highest form of loving yourself


Wings expand and contract in order to manifest flying.

So to we must expand and contract in order to elevate ourselves.

Low times and moments are just contraction–getting you ready for expansion.
Be well with both your light and dark sides.
Cultivate a balance and you will reach heights never imagined.❤️