DRB: Divine Radiant Being

DRB: Antonella Agostini

This blog is created to illustrate and express my personal reflections and meditations regarding love, life and God.

I embarked on a journey many years ago that started on the quest to find my “soul mate” and indeed I found a soul and that soul was ME.

There have been many relationships. I was looking for a fairy tale and I found ME.

I discovered myself, very recently. It was a compelling search for the “man of my dreams”….and then I realized that in order to find the “man of my dreams”–I had to be the “woman of my dreams”!
They go hand in hand.

No sooner than I am finding myself, I turn around and I also find God. God and I have always been close but I was mistaken in my perception of Him. A father figure to me always, I had grown to believe through religious text…

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