About Antonella

Hi, my name is Antonella I live in Toronto, Canada and work for a hospital there doing data analysis. About three years ago, I was in the search for love. Well actually, I have always been in search for love but three years ago, a very great teacher of mine, pointed out to me that if I was searching for anything I would have to BE that or “give” that. Part of my desire for wanting to be in a relationship was the sweet “good morning” I would receive every day from my love. So my teacher said to me….”if you wanna good morning, you should give good morning” So I started sending everyone I knew a good morning. Simultaneously, at that time, I decided I would share myself with the world and made my FB page public. The good mornings grew from texts, including emails, and posting daily inspirational and positive posts and sharing uplifting words and images on FB and slowly to Twitter. Blogging just seemed the next logical step. I do want to write and share my experiences on how I have gone through and still going through personal transformation. I love cats and have two beauties, Jericho and Hazel. I love movies and love to dance and love my solitude and spending time in contemplation and also meditating. My heroes: Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Deepak Chopra….just to name a few. Oh, and I LOVE to read. 


One thought on “About Antonella

  1. Hi Antonella,
    Beautiful testimony. I TRULY RELATE! Loving oneself, being comfortable with oneself alone,(and Jesus), truly makes all the lonely days and nights bearable, and yes, even rewarding. Yet there is still the fundamental basic Truth of our creative existence as recorded in Genesis. God saw that there was no helpmeet for the man so, God, made Woman, for the man!
    Light and blessings in Jesus!


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